MXR CSP026 ’74 Vintage Phase 90 Pedal

74 Vintage Phase 90 PedalA redesign of the original Phase 90, the popular '74 Vintage Phase 90, heard on so many songs, features all of the same high-quality components as the original.

The MXR Phase 90 has been one of the most popular pedals in the world, since its introduction in the mid 1970s. It can be heard on quite a few classic songs by Waylon Jennings, Johnny Winter, The Rolling Stones, and many more. Eddie Van Halen used this phaser extensively on Van Halen’s first few albums and that also helped make the effect very popular, starting in 1978. The ’74 Vintage Phase 90 is a recreation of the original Phase 90 that was purchased in 1974 by Dunlop Senior Engineer Bob Cedro.

It uses all of the same high-quality components that were used in the 1974 design and it is constructed from a hand-wired board and hand-matched FETs. The MXR CSP026 ’74 Vintage Phase 90 Pedal also features the same script logo that adorned the original.

The pedal features a very simple one-knob operation that delivers a thick and rich tone that many people say is “smoother” than many other modern phaser pedals. It features very high-quality Switchcraft input and output jacks.

Like the original, the CSP026 is not a true bypass circuit but it does feature a very well-designed and long-lasting Carling bypass switch. There is no AC adapter jack built-in, so this pedal can only be powered using a very tight-fitting 9-volt battery.

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