Guitar Gain Boost Part 1 – Getting the Parts

guitar gain boost part 1Now we finally begin our amazing journey into the magical world of building our own effects boxes.

Let’s take a look at the first actual pedal that we are going to create. It’s called the Piledriver, and it is a Gain Boost pedal that I got from ( This is listed as a “beginner” pedal and that is one of the reasons why I chose it. Gain Boost is also one of the most common processes that take place in every pedal and understanding it will put you well on the road to building great sounding pedals.

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Getting Started Building Your Own Guitar Effects Pedals

best guitar phase shifterLet’s talk about how and where to get started building your own guitar effects pedals from scratch.

To build your own pedal you will usually need to buy a kit for the project and the price of it will vary, based on the kind of pedal that you want to build. If you are building the project from just a schematic, you will need to buy all of the parts individually on your own. Continue reading “Getting Started Building Your Own Guitar Effects Pedals”