Yamaha THR10 – 10-watt 2×3″ Modeling Combo

yamaha thr10The Yamaha THR10 can be powered by an AC adapter or eight AA batteries for up to six hours of continuous playing time.

The Yamaha THR10 – 10-Watt 2×3 Modeling Combo is a new type of amplifier from Yamaha that is specialized for non-live-performing musicians. The THR10 features Volume, Gain, Master, and Tone control knobs. There is also an Amp control knob, which toggles between Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit High, and Modern sounds. There is an Effect control knob that allows you to select one of four effects, as well as how much of the effect is applied to the signal. The effects include Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Tremolo.

The Yamaha THR10 also has a Delay/Reverb control knob that is similar to the Effect control. This knob allows you to select one of four Delay effects and how much of the effect is applied to the signal. The Delay/Reverb types include Delay, Dly/Rev, Spring, and Hall.

Featuring an auxiliary 1/8″ input to add in backing tracks from your music player, the Yamaha THR10 provides two channels of recording to your computer and two channels of playback from your computer. Dual 3.15″ speakers provide true stereo audio for internal effects. You can also download the THR Editor for free. With that, you can tweak extra parameters out of your amplifier models and effects settings, as well as access the onboard noise gate and compressor.