Vox MV50 Ultra Compact Amp Head

vox mv50Using a new vacuum tube technology, the Vox MV50 Ultra Compact also features a VU output level meter and guitar input on its front panel.

The Vox MV50 is a series of ultra-compact amplifier heads from a legendary company. The MV50 head comes in many varieties, including High Gain, Boutique, Clean, AC, and Rock. Each one weighs just over one pound and delivers 50 watts of tube-driven power.

The Vox MV50 uses NuTube, a new vacuum tube that puts vacuum fluorescent display technology to practical use. It acts exactly like a traditional tube but uses less than 2% of the power, so, can, therefore, be made much smaller. The NuTube has a 30,000 hour life expectancy. Each amp has three control knobs: Gain, Tone, and Volume, except for the Clean head which has Treble, Bass, Volume. The angled front panel also has a VU output level meter and single 1/4-inch guitar input. The rear panels on all of the models are also very similar. Each has 1/4-inch headphone/line and speaker outputs. Each has an on/off switch with auto power off, and standby switch.

There is also a switch to select EQ flat/deep: deep for smaller cabinets, flat for larger cabinets. There is also a switch to select 4/8/16-ohm impedance (the Clean model has an attenuator switch with full, 1/10 and 1/100 settings instead of the impedance switch). The Vox MV50 is powered by an included 19-volt power adapter.

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