Marshall JVM205C Combo Amp

Marshall JVM205CThe tubes of the JVM205C Combo Amp drive two 12-inch speakers: a Celestion Vintage 30 for a warm low-end, and a Celestion Heritage G12H for a tighter bottom end.

The Marshall JVM205C is an extremely versatile amp with tons of tonal options built into a tube-driven combo. Packed with five 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and two EL34 tubes in the power section, it delivers 50 watts of pure Marshall Tone.

The tubes drive two 12″ speakers: one Celestion Vintage 30 for a warm low-end, rich mid-range and detailed top-end, and one Celestion Heritage G12H for a tighter bottom end with a boost to the mid-range as well as boosted highs. Together they create a very full and balanced sound.

The amp has two independent, footswitchable channels, and each has three footswitchable modes: green, orange, and red, allowing you to get a wide range of tones and crunch. The included four-way footswitch is programmable, allowing you to store your sounds and take them on the road with you. You can even plug your footswitch into any JVM amp and instantly have your tones. Each channel has its own Gain, Volume, three-band EQ, and reverb controls.

There is also a “MASTER” section of the amp that adds Presence, Resonance, and a Master 1 and Master 2 to both channels. The Marshall has an Effects Loop that can be run in series or parallel and you can also use MIDI to control any of the amplifier’s functions.

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