Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Stereo Guitar Combo Amp

Line 6 FirehawkThe Line 6 Firehawk is a wonder in the guitar amp world, with four internal amplifiers that combine for 680 watts continuous (1,500 watts peak) power.

The Line 6 Firehawk features a full range six-speaker system that accurately replicates tones at any volume, and can be used for acoustic and electric guitar. You can even use the amp as a Bluetooth speaker. The five-way speakers can be split for stereo sound or one side wet, one side dry. Firehawk 1500 features onboard DSP, allowing you to create elaborate signal chains and custom presets.

The amp allows you to choose from over 200 world-class guitar amp models and effects and access 128 onboard presets. You can also create unlimited tones in the cloud via the Firehawk Remote app editor. The remote app editor allows you to create signal chains and fine-tune effect parameters.

The amp also features tone-matching, allowing you to match the guitar tone of any song in your music library. The Line 6 Firehawk also features XLR-balanced outputs, headphone outputs, a USB port, Bluetooth integration, dual impedance effect sends, and a jack for an optional external footswitch.

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