Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head

laney l50HThe Laney L50H 50W Tube Amp features Clean and Drive channels, both with shared passive three-band EQ, and Volume and active Tone controls.

The Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head is the world’s first 50 watt RMS Single Ended true Class A all valve amplifier. It is also the first amp to use five EL34 tubes in the output section, to create a warm and progressive distortion that responds to a player’s touch and playing style. Besides the EL34 tubes in the power section the amp also uses three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section.

The amplifier features two channels: Clean and Drive. Both channels have their own Volume control, and the Drive channel has its own Drive control. There is also a Bright switch. Both channels share a passive three-band EQ with Bass, Middle, and Treble controls. Both channels also share an active Tone control that can cut and boost high end frequencies in the power section of the amp, while an active Dynamics control switch boosts and cuts low end frequencies.

The Laney L50H also features a multi-selection effects loop; the selections include Bypass, 0dBu, and -10dBu (Nominal). There is also a switch for 8 or 16 OHM speakers. It also features Gold Plated PCBs and jacks, and a hand-stamped “build number,” each in the order in which it came off the production line.

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