EVH 5150III 50W 6L6 Tube Guitar Amp Head

EVH 5150III 50W 6L6 Tube Guitar Amp HeadThe more compact EVH 5150III 50W 6L6 tube guitar amp head has many of the same features as the 100 Watt model and at just half the price.

The EVH 5150III 50W 6L6 tube guitar amp head the smaller version of its 100 watt big brother. This smaller, more compact, amplifier has many of the same features, and the same tube-driven sound as the bigger model, at half the price. This 50 watt amp uses seven JJ ECC83/12AX7 tubes in the preamp and effects loop section and two JJ EL34 tubes in the power section.

The EVH 5150 III has a three-channel design that features a “small box,” compact control knob design. Each channel has its own Volume and Gain control, and Channels 1 and 2 feature stacked concentric Volume and Gain controls. Channels 1 and 2 both share Low, Mid, and High EQ controls, and Channel 3 has its own EQ controls.

All three channels share a Presence control for high frequency, shelving EQ and Resonance controls for low frequency shaping. Channel 1 provides British-flavored clean tones with plenty of headroom. Channel 2 delivers crunch and distortion tones similar to Eddie Van Halen’s legendary Marshall Super Lead. Channel 3 is a heavy distortion for modern Metal tones and leads.

The amp also features a 1/4 inch headphone jack for bedroom practice and a MIDI input jack. There is also a four-switch foot controller that allows users to select individual channels and the effects loop.

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