Where Can I Find The Best Telecaster Guitar Parts?

Where Can I Find The Best Telecaster Guitar Parts?
Fender Telecaster

Telecaster Bodies, Telecaster Necks, Telecaster Hardware… Everything “Tele” links here

If you are embarking on a project that involves upgrading or building a Telecaster, these links might help you to find some of the parts you need. All of these companies offer some pretty good stuff at fairly reasonable prices. For bodies and necks, Warmoth is probably best and offers the most options. Of course, they are the most expensive.  In each case, be sure to explore all the options that each company offers and don’t be afraid to call them if you have any questions before you place your order.

With regards to the body, pay extra attention to the wood that you choose, there will be some variations in sound between different types. For example, Maple has a brighter tone where as Mahogany is a bit mellower. If you do choose Maple, consider paying the extra cost for “Quarter Sawn” Maple, it is most often a much better cut of wood. Some companies such as Warmoth also offer options for binding. While this is purely aesthetic and will have no affect either way on your tone, it can contribute to a very classy look, depending on your taste.

Another option worth considering is a Chambered body. When a body is “Chambered”, there are several cavities that are created in the body. This offers a kind of “Best of both worlds” scenario as you get the interesting qualities of a hollow body guitar, but without the headaches of feedback as the majority of the body is solid. Some Telecaster players may dream of a Tele with a vibrato arm; no problem. Warmoth offers you the option to have the Telecaster body routed for a standard Stratocaster bridge. In this case there will be the standard thru body tremolo construction complete with trem claw and springs.  There are certainly many options and you can go pretty crazy. Whatever your dream Telecaster may be, the links below should point you in the right direction.

Finished Telecaster Bodies


USA Custom Guitars (un-finished)

WD Music Supplies

All Parts

Stewart MacDonald

Telecaster Pickups

Here are a few links to articles I did recently for BestCovery.com, which include pretty much the best Tele Pickups out there at the moment:

Vintage Tele Bridge Pickups

Vintage Tele Neck Pickups

Noiseless Tele Bridge Pickups

Noiseless Tele Neck Pickups

Telecaster Hardware

Here are links for great places to get your hardware online:

Acme Guitar Works

Warmoth Hardware

Warmoth Telecaster Hardware

What Are The Best Telecaster Neck Pickups?

Telecaster Neck Pickup
What are the best Telecaster Neck pickups?

Nowadays, between digital modeling and overall great engineering, you can make virtually any guitar sound like just about any other guitar. Except, you cannot make any guitar really sound like a Telecaster. You can try, but it will never really quite smell right. If you are looking to upgrade your Telecaster neck pickup, you are in good luck. Many great sounding models are out there that offer not only a high-quality tone but they do so at a pretty reasonable price.

Noiseless / Hum-Canceling

Dimarzio Area T™ Neck DP417

Designed to retain warmth and clarity even when using high levels of distortion or overdrive. Chrome cover is included but does not interfere with the sound.

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails™ for Tele STHR-1n

Very high output, very strong mids, best for more aggressive styles.

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails STHR-1n Product Page

Vintage Style (non hum-canceling)

Lindy Fralin Stock Tele® Replacement Style Neck

Plain Enamel wire is used to wind these for a 7k output, with an option for an additional 2% more output.

Lindy Fralin Stock Tele Neck Product Page

Lindy Fralin High Output Tele® Style Neck

8k output, staggered magnets.

Lindy Fralin High Output Neck Product Page

Lindy Fralin Steel Poled Tele® Style Neck

Adjustable pole pieces and the option for 10% more output (7k) or 15% more output (9k).

Lindy Fralin Steel Poled Tele Neck Product Page

Dimarzio True Velvet™ T DP177

Designed to provide more clarity in the low wound strings and smooth out the highs. Double wax-potted to minimize squealing.

Dimarzio True Velvet Product Page

Dimarzio Twang King™ T DP172

Designed to provide more clarity in the low wound strings and smooth out the highs. Double wax-potted to minimize squealing.

Dimarzio Twang King DP172 Product Page

Seymour Duncan Vintage Rhythm STR-1

A faithful reproduction of 1950s Telecaster neck pickup.

Seymour Duncan Vintage Rhythm STR-1 Product Page