Fulltone 69, the Fuzz that roared

Fulltone 69 fuzzIf you are in the market for a truly amazing, world-class Fuzz pedal, look no further, the Fulltone ’69 is your baby

Of all the Fuzz pedals I have tried, the Fulltone ’69 is really the king. An incredibly transparent pedal with a top-shelf fuzz that can be easily rolled-back for great tonal variations.

Contour is key

The knob labeled “Contour” is where the real fun starts. It is kind of a combination mid-range / thickness control. Needless to say, when turned down, the fuzz is a bit thinner as is the overall tone. This is helpful if you want Fuzz without all the “Woof” When you increase the Contour level, the Fuzz get’s thicker and has more body. This also adds to the random harmonics and general squeaks that are likely to come out of your guitar. If you experiment by using less drive and more Contour (or vice verse) there are some seriously fun sounds to be found.
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