Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal

Zoom G5

What do you do when you have three super-popular stomp boxes in your product line? Combine them into one pedal, of course. Fortunately, Electro-Harmonix didn’t just slap any old pedals together; they combined an octaver, a flange/chorus, and a reverb.

The Electro-Harmonix Epitome pedal consists of the Micro POG, Stereo Electric Mistress, and the Holy Grail Plus. All three are top-notch pedals on their own. When combined, they produce a product that is a dangerous little gem.

Each effect has its own dedicated on/off foot switch. So, it is literally three stomp-boxes in one. But the interplay between the effects is what adds up to a “fourth” member of the party that is hard to describe. This is because there really is more than just the “sum of the parts” here. Twisting / turning / tinkering produces some incredible results. What really impresses me is the stereo in; this way you can process two simultaneous channels, which really comes in handy. Your rig is, in-fact, stereo before it hits this pedal.

The polyphonic tracking of the Micro POG is surprisingly good. When combined with the chorus or flanger effects, the range of possibilities is quite impressive. According to the Electro-Harmonix web site, the “shimmer” setting “…transforms the Grail into a digital delay.”

If you take a look at the videos here, you will see that there is a ton of fun sounds here. From 12-string to a rotating leslie, there are quite a few combinations here that are really a joy. I think the Octaver is where you will find most of your oddball effects. But when you combine that with some “flerb,” or kick in the “shimmer” effect, things start to really take off.

Electro-Harmonix has combined three top-quality digital effects into one package. Although the world of electric guitar effects seems dominated by desktop or amp-based digital modeling units, some folks still prefer the context of a floor-based stomp box with big ‘ol knobs. If you are a member of that group, this is one pedal that will keep you up all night tweaking and tinkering.