Seymour Duncan – Phat Cat Pickups

Seymour Duncan - Phat Cat PickupsIf you like P-90 pickups, then you are gonna love these Phat Cat pickups… I promise

I’ve been trying out a set of the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups recently, and I’ve gotta say: they really got it right on these. When I started this blog, for some reason I decided to add the links at the bottom first. When I was researching the Harmony-Central reviews, I started to read the first review. The more I read the review, I kept thinking to myself: “wow, this guy sounds like he has had the exact same experiences as me… and he seems to have the same sense of humor as me… wow, I really agree with the way this guy approaches his review on these Phat Cat pickups and the kind of feedback he is giving….this is bizzare!”

…then I realized that this guy was me.. duh!

I figured the best testimonial is a real testimonial. So, without further ado, here is my orginal Harmony-central review of the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickup:

I give these a 9 because the only thing I would change is maybe the Phat Cat bridge pickup could be a little hotter. The neck pickup over powers the bridge pickup a little. With that said….

These Phat Cat pickups are phenomenal. I took them outta the box only 8 hours ago and put them in my Les Paul. They are surprisingly quiet for passive non-humbucking pickups. I like to use alot of compression which can cause even more 60-Cycle hum than drive sometimes, or certainly make it worse once you add gain. My first crappy guitar had some horrible P90’s in them, and they used to squeal like hell all the time. That was almost 30 years ago, and quite honestly, I have had an aversion of P90’s since then (even my therapist couldn’t seem to rid me of this un-relenting P90 anxiety : – ) When you use them together, they are 100% hum-canceling… NICE!

What a relief! these babies are reasonable quiet (sure, when you add alot of gain, there is hum, but at low to moderate gain settings, it aint too bad!) These Phat Cat pickups are outstanding. The neck pickup has a massive sound. Great bit and clarity. The bridge pickup also has a nice bit. I am VERY happy with these pickups. Not only would I replace them if they were stolen, but I’m gonna grab another set for my Tele that is routed for humbuckers. I’m that happy with these. I will write another review after I’ve had them for a while and used them on stage, but at first glance, these are first class pickups. And, at literally half the price of Fralins, they are an incredible value. I have’t used P90’s for 20 years, so I can attest to how they compare to classic P90 pickups, but as someone who uses totally hum-canceling pickups all the time (i.e. Dimarzio Virtual Vintage and Duncan mini humbuckers, etc…) I am VERY pleased with the tone and minimal 60-cycle hum of these Phat Cat pickups. If you play Blues, you will really be impressed with these.