Dimarzio’s “Pickup Picker” makes choosing the right product a snap

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Dimarzio’s “Pickup Picker” is quite useful

Instead of browsing through multi-level menus, find the right Dimarzio pickup in three easy steps.

Pickup makers such as Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan are great. They make high-quality products at a reasonable price. But sometimes, it is not easy to find the right pickup to suit your needs. Maybe you are a Telecaster player, but which Tele pickup should you buy? Vintage? Noiseless? 7-String? Ugh… there number of variables adds up quickly. Then you have to consider what kind of body wood are using, what is the problem you are trying to solve? Overall sound character? {insert migrane headache here]. Understandably, deciding which awesomely amazing guitar pickup to buy is a challenge. There is some good news though:

Dimarzio has done a nice job with their new “Pickup Picker”. This web site feature prompts you for very simple and easy-to-understand questions, and based on your answers, recommends three pickups. The whole “Step 1, step 3, step 3” approach really works. I gave it a spin today and here is a rundown of my experience:

Step # 1: Select a size. There are only two choices: “Humbucker” or “Strat”, simple enough.

Step # 1
Step # 1

Step # 2: Choose the pickup position: “Bridge”, “Middle” or “Neck”.

Step # 2
Step # 2

Step # 3: Answer several very basic questions.

Step # 3
Step # 3

View your suggestions: After clicking the “Find my pickup” button, the pickup picker shows you your suggested products, with links to each one:

Dimarzio's Pickup Picker's suggested choices
Dimarzio’s Pickup Picker’s suggested choices


Making the right choice with regards to your new guitar pickups can be an overwhelming experience. Dimarzio’s Pickup Picker is pretty cool. What impressed me most is that they made it simple, simple simple. Any time you see a 3-step approach to any consumer-related product, you know that some thought has gone into usability.

Here is a link to the Dimarzio Pickup Picker: http://www.dimarzio.com/pickup-picker