Basic Guitar Electronics – Telecaster three-way switch wiring

telecaster three-way switchLet’s take a look at re-wiring a three way switch for a standard Fender Telecaster guitar. If you have already tried out our Volume and Tone wiring guides, this would be a great next step.

Wiring up a Telecaster three-way switch

The information in this article will apply to any similar three-way “Lever” switches that are used in many different Strat style guitars. The Gibson Les Paul and several other similar guitars use a three-way “Toggle” switch and that discussion will be in a different article. Since the title of this article is “How To Wire A Telecaster” I am going to use all of the standard Fender Telecaster values in the wiring diagram.

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Basic Guitar Electronics – Tone Control Wiring

blues telecaster pickupsLet’s look at the basics of how to wire a tone control and how to adjust it to get the best sound from your guitar.

For many people, the tone control itself is just a potentiometer (Volume knob) with a capacitor attached to it. When the tone control is turned all the way up, the tone is at its brightest, and as you turn the knob down (off), the tone darkens (i.e., high frequencies get rolled off). What might not be generally known is that the other components, especially any other volume and tone controls, will also affect the tone, so their values must be considered. Also, your tone is YOUR TONE, so unless you are trying to restore a collector guitar to original specs, it’s better not to just blindly follow guidelines and rules and call it a day. Instead, use your ears and this guide to get the best tone from your guitar. So, with that said, let’s begin with the components.

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Basic Guitar Electronics – Volume control wiring

blues telecaster pickupsHave you ever wanted to wire-up your own volume control? In this article we’ll learn how to connect your 250K or 500K pots.

We’re going to talk about simple volume control wiring, but before we start to solder anything let’s go over a few things. First, let’s talk about the volume potentiometer itself, and what value we should use.

There are many values in circulation but the most common ones are a 250k volume pot and a 500k volume pot. Generally speaking, a 250k pot is used for single coil pickups and a 500k pot for Humbucking pickups. When a Volume pot of any value is added to the circuit, high frequencies are lost because of the way the circuit works; i.e., the lower the value of the pot the more high end frequencies get rolled off, even when the volume knob is all the way up. The higher the value, the higher the resistance, and more resistance prevents frequencies from “leaking out,” which leads to a brighter tone.

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