Fender CD 320AS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Fender CD 320AS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar A straight-ahead Dreadnought, the CD 320AS offers minimal features, yet a great sound.

In some ways, this was a hard instrument to write about. This Dreadnought is built using solid mahogany for the back and sides, and solid spruce for the top. Fairly standard stuff. I kept digging for something that made this guitar exotic – a standout in some way, but alas, it was not to be. Even the neck-woods are impressively unexciting; a Mahogany back and Rosewood fretboard. Sigh…..

But in searching for interesting features, I overlooked the most important fact: the Fender CD 320AS sounds great. The Rosewood bridge offers a nice balance to the snappy spruce top. I’ve included a few videos here so you can hear for yourself. Chords are full and complex, while the overall tone has plenty of warmth. This 20-fret acoustic guitar may not have a lot of sexy features, but that simplicity is part of its charm. At 25.3″ (64.3 cm) scale length, the strings will be in that “goldilocks” zone: not too tight, but not too “mushy.” Overall, the CD 320AS is a very simple acoustic guitar that is not only sounds great, but comes at a very reasonable price.