Music Man RD 50 Head

Music Man RD 50 HeadI’ve been ranting and raving for years to anyone who will listen that Music Man amps are some of the greatest. Unfortunately, you are in for more of the same.

This rant is about the much overlooked RD-50 Head. I must admit that I never even knew these things existed for a long time. If you can believe it, I actually found one in a pawn shop on 7th Ave and 23rd street in New York City. These kinds of things really don’t happen so much any more as Guitar Center and Sam Ash have pretty much put everyone else out of business. But in this case, there I was in this pawn shop, surrounded by cameras and cheap jewelry. I saw this little mini head that had the Music Man logo. I scratched my head: “….this ain’t an HD-130… what the hell is this little thing…. I didn’t know Music Man made a head this small…”

I then realized that it was the guts of my little RD-50, just no speaker. The guy had some horrible horrible guitar and I had to try it out using some kind of strat copy from hell. The reverb didn’t work so I nicke & dimed him down to something rediculous like $150. Yes, I got this head for $150. I think it cost me about $50 to get the reverb fixed, so the head ran me $200 total. I don’t need to tell you how much I love the RD-50, so you can assume that my rant about the tone of this amp is the same. What is so cool is that this head is so small and reasonable in weight that you could actually carry it to a gig. This is assuming that there is a speaker cabinet at your gig that is up for grabs.

If you are a fan of Music Man amps and are looking for another great alternative to dragging around your 2×12, this head is worth an eBay search.